Low Light Cameras

This video demonstrates the effectiveness of our low light cameras. The opening scenes show the corridor with all lighting switched on giving a full illuminated image, as the lights are switched off the image is lost altogether giving an accurate representation of how a standard colour camera would perform. After a few seconds, the image begins to rebuild using tiny amounts of light from the emergency exit signs within the offices until you have a full-colour usable image on the screen.  To achieve such a visible image on the screen under such low light conditions is a true testament to the performance and value for money our cameras offer and it shows exactly why they have remained so popular for so long.

This video demonstrates the tracking technology available.

A properly installed and managed CCTV surveillance system can dramatically reduce crime levels – drops as high as 90% have been recorded where a highly visible CCTV system has been installed.

CCTV surveillance systems can be designed for homes and businesses of all sizes.



Our CCTV surveillance systems can offer the following features

Several weeks digital recording of images, with playback facility – no tapes or daily user intervention needed.
Internal and external CCTV cameras, for the protection of people and property.
Cameras and lens with low light capabilities.
High quality but maintaining operational simplicity.
Search via event – sensors working in conjunction with the CCTV enable all relevant events to be quickly viewed.
Wireless CCTV surveillance options are available for demanding applications.