Intruder Alarms

All our intruder alarm installations are carried out to recognised industry standards with an SSAIB certificate issued on completion, and each system is custom designed to meet your requirements.

All new systems offer the following:

• Installed to the new EN standards and come with an on-going maintenance agreement and call out facility in the event of a fault.

• Comprehensive coverage and high quality, reliable equipment used.

• Easy to use and configured to your daily usage requirements.

• Can be set with the premises occupied if required.

• Wired or wire-free intruder alarm options.

• Optional 24 hour monitoring via your telephone line of mobile networks, for a response to an alarm activation.

Maintenance and Take-overs

Alarm systems need regular servicing, and it may be a condition of your insurance. Insurance companies usually ask for the maintenance to be done by an approved installer. As a member of the SSAIB, our inspections will be acceptable to your insurer.

If you already have an alarm system and are looking for a maintainer, we can help you.

• We can take over for maintenance of an existing intruder alarm system as long as it is of reasonable quality, or give advice on upgrading to the current standards.

• Free advice is given on the protection and coverage of your current alarm system.

• If you are currently a customer and are moving we may be able to take over the intruder alarm system in your new property.

• Any intruder alarm system we upgrade will be issued with an SSAIB certificate for your insurance purposes.